Engagement Tips

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Wear: No khakis
No light colored khaki pants in photos, they rarely look good. Dark jeans or dark dress pants work best for men. Dark jeans or a Dress work best for women. Solid colors are best. Your choice of clothing outfits for the session is extremely important yet not a difficult or complicated choice. You should be comfortable and able to move around easily as most creative shooters will keep you moving a lot. Try to think styling and casual. It’s hard to beat a favorite pair of jeans or a flowing dress, some couples may want to bring a change of clothes to give them some options and variety in the shots on location. For both ladies and fellas you should avoid WHITE and bold colors and patterns. White washes you out unless you have quite dark skin and strong patterns really distract from your face which is where the attention should be in these photos. Guys should avoid shorts as our bare legs look odd in a lot of photos- these are casual but not that casual. Girls can definitely go for some cute shoes and modest accessories while guys should lose accessories like watches and pockets bulging with keys- hand them to your photographer before you begin!

– Get Trashed
Trash the engagement session – it’s just like
trash the dress . Jump in the ocean, pond, what ever. Just have fun with the engagement session.

– Outfit
Bring several outfits along.

– Makeup
To Makeup or Not To Makeup?
This is an easy one- there is no question here- makeup is an essential part of your engagement shoot. Even with incredible skin you will benefit greatly from some well chosen makeup. If you get any shots taken with flash your skin will end up glowing in a shiny way that is not flattering and not so easy to fix. On film or in pixels you and any other person looks a little dull without makeup. It’s really makes a huge difference.

– Hydrate
The days leading up to your engagement session make sure to drink extra water to hydrate your skin for the photos.

– Be Yourself… RELAX!
It is extremely important that you relax in front of the camera. In fact, this is the key to a successful photo shoot. Don’t get overwhelmed with the details of the photo session and how you think you look. You should instead focus on your partner and your love for him or her. Try to relax and enjoy being together. If your photographer has posing suggestions, enjoy yourselves and have fun while posing.
Just be yourself. Your engagement photos will look beautiful.

Marcos Agrelli
Ph: 305-909-3963


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