Marina and Diego Engagement

It all began with a trip to Miami’s Design District in which we happened upon this lush garden lounge where we were able to hang out and snap some fun pictures. From there we progressed through the district looking for some different and colorful walls or murals or anything interesting and we saw a great backdrop with different colors and shapes. After that we walked a bit more and came to an art gallery in which we were able to snap some photographs with various styles of paintings. At this point we traveled a bit farther and found some really interesting walls full of graffiti and color where we stopped for a moment and decided for an urban approach. We headed to the metro and were able to get some cool perspective shots there. We then wrapped the day with some vibrant shots in a local arcade (Dave & Buster at Dolphin Mall) to get more colors lights and details into our shoot. All in all it was an outstanding experience and tremendously fun endeavor.

Marina and Diego Engagement-001Marina and Diego Engagement-003Marina and Diego Engagement-005Marina and Diego Engagement-004 Marina and Diego Engagement-006 Marina and Diego Engagement-009 Marina and Diego Engagement-010Marina and Diego Engagement-012Marina and Diego Engagement-014Marina and Diego Engagement-015Marina and Diego Engagement-017 Marina and Diego Engagement-019Marina and Diego Engagement-016Marina and Diego Engagement-018Marina and Diego Engagement-022 Marina and Diego Engagement-020Marina and Diego Engagement-026Marina and Diego Engagement-036 Marina and Diego Engagement-027Marina and Diego Engagement-025 Marina and Diego Engagement-028Marina and Diego Engagement-029 Marina and Diego Engagement-030Marina and Diego Engagement-031 Marina and Diego Engagement-032Marina and Diego Engagement-034 Marina and Diego Engagement-037 Marina and Diego Engagement-041 Marina and Diego Engagement-042 Marina and Diego Engagement-039Marina and Diego Engagement-043 Marina and Diego Engagement-044 Marina and Diego Engagement-047Marina and Diego Engagement-046 Marina and Diego Engagement-048 Marina and Diego Engagement-049 Marina and Diego Engagement-054 Marina and Diego Engagement-052Marina and Diego Engagement-055 Marina and Diego Engagement-056 Marina and Diego Engagement-057 Marina and Diego Engagement-058 Marina and Diego Engagement-059Marina and Diego Engagement-060 Marina and Diego Engagement-066 Marina and Diego Engagement-063Marina and Diego Engagement-064Marina and Diego Engagement-068 Marina and Diego Engagement-071 Marina and Diego Engagement-072Marina and Diego Engagement-069 Marina and Diego Engagement-070

Just 4 months for the Big day. We see soon at Newport Beach Resort – Sunny Isles / FL



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