Stephanie + Luis = Fire!

Fire! Fire! Fire!

Not literally, but that was the overall feeling on Sunday, November 25th while shooting Stephanie Lawston and Luis Cruzado’s Engagement Photos at Station 2 of the Miami Beach Fire Department. Their fun and carefree demeanor made it easy for me to develop my artistic vision as they effortlessly created scenarios, and were naturals when posing. Their chemistry is undeniable. It shows in their pictures, and shows that their decision to spend their lives together, is the right one!

Stephanie + Luis Andres = Fire_0002Stephanie + Luis Andres = Fire_0005Stephanie + Luis Andres = Fire_0003Stephanie + Luis Andres = Fire_0008Stephanie + Luis Andres = Fire_0001Stephanie + Luis Andres = Fire_0007Stephanie + Luis Andres = Fire_0010Stephanie + Luis Andres = Fire_0004Stephanie + Luis Andres = Fire_0009Stephanie + Luis Andres = Fire_0006Stephanie + Luis Andres = Fire_0011Stephanie + Luis Andres = Fire_0012Stephanie + Luis Andres = Fire_0013Stephanie + Luis Andres = Fire_0014Stephanie + Luis Andres = Fire_0015

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